STAT is our gateway to testing here at PSS. There is no need to worry about new hires because our STAT system offers an ease of training. We offer all of our Site Specific and SOS tests through STAT. You just need an internet connection and your Training ID and you are set. Your new hires can test basically anywhere there is an internet connection – your office, your jobsite, their home, or our office. If there is an emergency and a trainee has to respond, STAT is set up to pause the test when logged out and start back up, without losing any previous completion, once the trainee is ready to complete their test.
Donna S. Pearson, CSP, with 30 years in safety, designed and has overseen every step of the development of this program. She is extremely proud to offer this as the easiest way to start employees and contractors entering plants to work with the right information and attitude to work safely. The STAT program is a win-win for everyone. Call today for more information or to sign up for this wonderful program that only PSS offers.