Let Our Dedication and Professional Knowledge Be The Foundation of Your Safety Culture Tomorrow

Site Audits are a vital element of any safety culture and should be used to determine whether you are meeting the standards you have set in your workplace and work activities.  At Pearson Safety Services our site audits are conducted by professionally trained Safety Professionals ranging from CSP’s (Certified Safety Professional), ASP’s (Associate Safety Professional), and GSP’s (Graduate Safety Practitioner).

We aim at providing recommendations and ideas to make the site safer and in compliance with regulatory agencies. After every audit whether they are on a monthly, quarterly, or on an as needed schedule you would receive an audit report within 3-5 business days to pictorially and graphically communicate potential safety deficiencies and to also reinforce good safety practices.  Our reports were designed specifically for our clients to use as an additional resource to communicate with executive management, project management or support staff. PSS Safety Professionals are trained to be a proactive hands-on resource for all of our clients safety needs.

Safety Audits Identify

  • Risk/Liability
  • Training Needs
  • PPE Needs
  • Potential Violations
  • Injury Hazards
  • Job Hazards
  • Safety Program Needs

Safety Audits Identify

  • Improves Compliance
  • Safety Awareness/Preparedness
  • Proactive Approach
  • Routine/Consistent
  • Cost Saving Tool
  • Sets Tone
  • Result Orientated