When you need “extra eyes” on a project, give PSS a call and let us be those eyes for you!

Site Monitor Program

On-site monitoring is an invaluable investment into the future of your project, your plant and your people. Time and time again it proves to be an effective and vital component of a successful safety culture. If you need on-site monitoring, PSS brings safety professionals into your workplace to ensure the highest safety standards are met and upheld when you need it most: during shutdowns, on large fast-paced projects, or if you do not have a full-time safety staff.

PSS utilizes highly skilled professionals with significant years of training and on-the-job experience. From a former TOSHA employee to a retired Spanish teacher, PSS employs only team members that are committed and passionate to developing and maintaining a safety culture for your plant or project. The PSS team is trained and certified in 10-hour, 30-hour, and CPR, just to name a few, to best serve you and your workers.

PSS employees have a thorough understanding based on their experience for how on-site monitoring can be put into practice for your project or plant. Let Pearson Safety show you how to use these services to develop a plan of action and to train and commit your employees individually, so that you can reap the humanitarian and economical benefits provided by a safe workplace.