“I would recommend it to any organization that wants to efficiently handle their safety training. I know each Astro employee is 100 percent compliant.”

Nick DiGiovanni

Manager, Astro Integrated Systems

“We now have something that is just ready to go and out there for us so I can look at the entire team, and then I can click on one person, look at all their training, what was done when the dates were done, and for record keeping, we can keep it online, and we also print off the one-page summary and keep that in everyone’s personnel folder.”

Rob Hildreth

HR and Safety Manager, United Treating and Distribution (UTD)

“We can hire by using the online application feature, get government documents like the I-9 or W-4 and others completed, and assign training with just a few clicks. The system does the rest.”

Joe McKinney

Managing Director, McVantage

“As a startup company, KAYSER Automotive Systems has relied upon the professionals at Pearson Safety Solutions to aid us in our safety policies and practices. They work with us to become OSHA-compliant and continue to monitor our facility as we grow. Their outstanding customer service and training sessions make them a leader in this industry. We look forward to working with Pearson Safety in the years to come.”

Chris Pane

HR Manager, KAYSER Automotive Systems