Pearson Safety Services

Who We Are

Pearson Safety Services, LLC is a nationally recognized woman owned business certified through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). PSS was founded upon the basis of developing and maintaining a safety culture to instill the qualities that motivate both employees and employers to strive in achieving safety excellence.

PSS was originally founded in 2005 as a specialty division of a Jackson, Tennessee based industrial contracting firm. In March of 2010, as safety cultures were ever evolving, Donna S. Pearson, CSP formed Pearson Safety Services, LLC. Proudly representing 10 years of professional excellence, PSS currently has branches in Memphis, TN., Jackson, TN., and Murray, KY with service areas including, but not limited to Middle Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Canada.

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Our Services

Safety Training Courses

Pearson Safety Services provides the most quality and professional safety training across the board. The most popular include fall protection, fleet safety, forklift training, 10hr and 30hr OSHA, drug free workplace and new hire orientations among others.

Safety Audits

At Pearson Safety Services our site audits are conducted by professionally trained Safety Professionals ranging from CSP’s (Certified Safety Professional), ASP’s (Associate Safety Professional), and GSP’s (Graduate Safety Practitioner).

Safety Consulting

Pearson Safety Services offers a wide range consulting services. From Accident Investigations to Workers Compensation.

We at Billy Rogers Plbg, Htg, & A/C Inc. have a long relationship with Pearson Safety Services. Their services have proven to help make our employees much more safety conscious. We keep Pearson Safety Services on retainer which pretty much allows our company to arrange safety trainings and instructions most anytime the need arises. It is very beneficial to our company knowing that they not only provide professional training but that they visit our job sites helping to keep safety awareness at a high level with our employees. We would recommend their services to any industry for safety training and awareness programs.

Our goal is to be proactive to ensure our associates work in a safe environment. Since working with PSS they have been instrumental is keeping us focused and going in the right direction. Pearson Safety Services staff has been readily available to reinforce our safety awareness as we continue to build a safe working culture.

As a startup company Kayser Automotive Systems has relied upon the professionals at Pearson Safety to aid us in our Safety policies and practices. They worked with us to become OSHA compliant and continue to monitor our facility as we continue to grow. Their outstanding customer service and training sessions make them a leader in this industry. We look forward to working with Pearson Safety in the years to come.

The personnel at PSS are always cheerful, always helpful, and a joy to work with. They make this part of doing business easy.

One of the hardest thing for me as a safety manager is to know that the people we are bring into our facility have some safety training.  The SOS system PSS has allows me that peace of mind.  PSS also has conducted OSHA training on and offsite, which has been a big help in showing my associates what is a hazard from OSHA perspective.  PSS has always been flexible and helpful any time I contact them for help.

Those of us at Vaughn Electric Co. just wanted to say thanks to PSS for all the hard work on ISNET set up; looks like we got the first job we bid on! Haven’t got the PO yet, but a little work breaking down labor and materials on our quote and they are supposed to cut us the purchase order. THANK YOU! We promote PSS when we are talking to customers and it definitely looks like everyone at PSS is returning the favor.



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According to OSHA, following proper Lockout/Tagout (LO/TO) procedures prevents an estimated 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries each year. These tips can help avoid unnecessary risks:
1. Notify all employees about the required lockout
2. Shut down equipment using normal stopping procedure
3. Locate and isolate equipment from all energy sources
4. Release any stored energy
5. Lockout all switches and controls with assigned locks and tags
6. After ensuring that no personnel are exposed, operate the normal operating controls to make sure the equipment won’t operate. RETURN EQUIPMENT TO “OFF” STATE AFTER TEST
7. Perform servicing
8. Remove the lockout device
9. Once work is completed, notify all employee
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Some Of Our Clients

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Pearson Safety Client Montgomery Martin Contractors
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Pearson Safety Client LI Smith
Pearson Safety Client Kayser
Pearson Safety Client Jabezco
Pearson Safety Client Choctaw Transportation
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Pearson Safety Client BT Redi-Mix
Pearson Safety Client Bongard Premium Cheese